5 tips for taking terrific travel photos anywhere


Travel photography comes in many forms, from visiting bustling tourist hotspots to spending time photographing iconic landscapes. The genre is closely linked to street photography, with many similarities in its candid style of capturing images – witnessing a brief moment in time as two friends chat outside a coffee shop,
for example, or shooting an intriguing local vehicle passing by in the street. 

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The trick with travel photography is to always be ready; what may seem like a trivial moment could become an award-winning documentary photo. At the very least, the images from your trips will provide you with visual memories many years down the line, even if you don’t realize it at the time.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

When it comes to the equipment you’ll need for shooting on location, you should aim to keep it simple – just one camera and one lens, ideally. I tend to keep my kit light, mainly to avoid having to add extra weight to my suitcase but also so that I’m fully engaged in what I’m shooting (rather than what I’m shooting with). 


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