Nuant Brings AI-powered Automation To Digital Asset Management


Nuant AG, the Swiss risk intelligence platform for asset management, has announced the debut of a specialized platform for monitoring digital asset investments and capitalizing on market trends and the opportunities they provide.

The platform, which is being launched after more than a year of development and rigorous testing, is said to provide unparalleled, 360-degree intelligence for digital asset investors. It aggregates data from multiple sources, centralizing all of the information needed to successfully manage any kind of digital asset in a single platform. Its key features include data aggregation, intelligent orchestration and actionable insights, with users able to plan their investment strategies using its comprehensive simulation tools that are based on real-world and historical market data.

Aimed at venture capital firms, crypto companies, investment funds and other institutional investors, Nuant’s digital asset management tools are designed to replace the outdated spreadsheets and other legacy tools used by such organizations. Instead of constantly guessing and struggling to work out the risks they face and the market opportunities available, investors can monitor the performance of their assets in real-time, taking advantage of actionable intelligence, the company said. In this way, they can maintain a competitive edge over their competitors, make better informed decisions and mitigate risks.

Nuant’s founder and chief executive Rachid Ajaja said the company is providing digital asset investors with the same kinds of advanced tools for managing investments that are widely used in traditional finance. “This level of sophistication has been lacking in the digital asset sector,” he pointed out.

Nuant’s platform stands out for its broad coverage of the digital asset market, with native support for five major custodian service providers, over 30 crypto exchange platforms, more than 80 blockchains and 1,000-plus DeFi protocols. It spans all manner of digital assets too, ranging from cryptocurrency tokens to NFTs, derivatives, stocks, RWAs and more, and brings everything into a single platform to create a more holistic view.

Another key differentiator is Nuant’s advanced simulation engine, which enables users to carry out robust back-testing and forecasting in order to validate their investing strategies against historic market conditions and customized future scenarios. Uniquely, it offers what Nuant calls “Advanced Stress Tests” that can help to assess the resilience of the user’s digital asset portfolio under the most extreme and volatile market conditions. Its integrated DeFi protocol replication capabilities provide a way to preview how the platform will interact with various protocols and strategies prior to deployment. Moreover, it supports cross-chain strategy simulation, meaning investors can develop more intricate strategies that leverage protocols from multiple blockchains. In every case, it generates a comprehensive view of potential outcomes to help customers craft the most optimal strategies for their investments, Nuant says.

According to Ajaja, the kinds of capabilities its platform provides are more essential than ever with the upcoming implementation of regulations such as MiCA in the EU, which provides a comprehensive framework for digital assets, with the aim of facilitating legal clarity in the crypto and DeFi industries.

“Funds, VCs, and Web3 companies [need] to have the right tools,” Ajaja said. “Our goal is to equip these entities with robust tools to navigate the digital asset landscape with the same precision and reliability found in traditional finance. We believe Nuant arrives at a crucial moment as the sector rapidly professionalizes.”

Other capabilities of Nuant’s platform include its alerting system, which is said to generate proactive notifications of potential security breaches, as well as customizable alerts of market movements and industry news. The idea with this is that investors can stay informed of all of the latest goings on in the markets that matter, and respond more swiftly to any risks they perceive or opportunities that present themselves. It’s all about capitalizing on the “market dynamics”, the company said.

The platform can even integrate Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) and Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) contracts, coupling these with automated token vesting tracking, so investors know exactly when they’ll be able to claim their tokens and start leveraging those assets.

All of this is backed by a healthy dose of AI automation. Nuant said it has created a number of AI algorithms that clients can use to automatically rebalance their portfolios, analyze scenarios and simulate DeFi strategies. By using these tools, companies can craft sophisticated trading strategies based on market conditions and automate their implementation at the appropriate time.

Nuant believes there will be big demand for its platform, but it’s offering an enticement nevertheless, with the first 100 customers given three months of free access to its platform to test out its novel capabilities.


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