United Property Resource Corporation (UPRC)


Helping communities of faith navigate property decisions

In 2019, The United Church of Canada established UPRC to assist communities of faith, regional councils, and other United Church entities in making faithful and prudent property decisions. UPRC is the first point of contact for all property matters and helps all levels of the church to navigate property decisions. Working across the denomination, UPRC provides advisory services to create a sustainable ecosystem that continues to serve the common good.

With deep knowledge of and experience working with communities of faith, UPRC often partners with Kindred Works to bring professional real estate expertise to guide communities as they navigate property decisions, whether it involves property sales, development (with Kindred Works or others in each local community), or various other strategies.

An ecosystem of church property

UPRC’s approach reflects a comprehensive understanding of church property and its important role in communities, as well as the need to ensure long-term financial sustainability to ensure broader social and communal benefits can be sustained long into the future. This can be achieved through strategic planning and collaboration within the church as we care for property for future generations. Recognizing the financial needs of many communities of faith, UPRC offers guidance on using properties to generate necessary financial resources, including redevelopment or rental strategies.

UPRC envisions church properties as buildings that serve as a hub for the neighbourhood. In collaboration with regions and local communities of faith, church properties can support ministry, social activities, and leasing opportunities. They can foster a sense of belonging and support, continuing the legacy of the United Church. Generating revenue through strategic leasing or development ensures long-term financial resources to sustain ministry.

In certain circumstances, rental housing development may be feasible for the property. Kindred Works acts as UPRC’s preferred development partner for projects that will generate annual income distributions and build local balance sheets while addressing pressing social issues. Kindred Works is supporting the United Church’s bold commitment to deliver 5,000 new affordable housing units by 2037.

How to connect with UPRC

To arrange a meeting with a member of the UPRC team to begin an assessment of your property and its potential, please go to the UPRC website.


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