A culinary journey from Naples to Leamington


Carluccio’s, the esteemed bastion of Italian culinary excellence, is unveiling its highly anticipated pizza range, ushering in a gastronomic voyage that captures the essence of Naples and delivers it to select locales across the UK. Crafted by the skilled pizzaiolo Eric Chauvet, a cherished member of the Carluccio’s family since his tenure at our Neal Street establishment, and nurtured under the tutelage of Antonio Carluccio himself, this menu pays homage to the timeless traditions of Neapolitan pizza-making while infusing a distinct twist sure to captivate the palates of discerning connoisseurs.

In homage to the birthplace of pizza, Carluccio’s proudly presents the Pizza Alla Napoletana.

The dough, an exquisite creation, is meticulously crafted using Carluccio’s proprietary ‘Biga’ recipe, a technique championed by esteemed Master Pizza Chef. This traditional method, hailing from Naples, ensures a flawlessly light and airy crust that transports patrons to the cobblestone streets of Italy.

Marc Wilson, Head of Operations at Carluccio’s, emphasized: “Our dedication to authenticity is unwavering. Our Pizza Alla Napoletana invites patrons to savour the genuine essence of Naples; from the meticulously crafted ‘Biga’ dough to the thoughtfully selected toppings. This introduction is a direct response to the repeated requests from our discerning guests, who consistently sought exceptional quality pizzas. At Carluccio’s, we pride ourselves on listening to our patrons, and this addition to our extensive menu reflects our commitment to meeting their desires for culinary excellence.”

Setting Carluccio’s pizzas apart are the carefully curated toppings that elevate each bite into a gastronomic adventure. From the robust Spianata Calabrese to the velvety Fior di latte mozzarella, and the smoky nuances of Calabrian ‘nduja and affumicata smoked pancetta, each ingredient pays homage to Italy’s rich culinary heritage. It’s not just pizza; it’s a journey through the scenic Italian countryside, one delectable slice at a time.

This week, Carluccio’s officially debuted its latest pizza range in Leamington Spa, heralding the beginning of a carefully curated selection with more enticing flavours set to be revealed soon. Carluccio’s is committed to sharing the joy of Italian cuisine with everyone. Priced at £20 for two pizzas until March 27, 2024, this new range promises an outstanding culinary journey at an affordable price, reshaping the dining experience for all. Furthermore, Carluccio’s will be offering five complimentary pizzas daily on a first-come-first-served basis until March 29, 2024.

Adding to the allure is the year-round availability of this delectable addition to the menu, ensuring a perpetual celebration of Italian flavours that transforms each meal into a festive occasion. For those with a sweet tooth, Carluccio’s introduces the Dessert Calzone All’Nutella, a folded pizza with Nutella inside, priced at £7.95. As a testament to Carluccio’s commitment to family dining, the new pizza range includes options for children, establishing Carluccio’s as an ideal destination for family outings or a cosy night in, with takeaway and delivery options available.

Carluccio’s extends a warm invitation to experience the authenticity of Naples, conveniently nestled in the heart of the UK. Prepare to indulge in a slice of Italy like never before, at Carluccio’s, where every pizza is crafted as a masterpiece.

Carluccio’s stands as a preeminent Italian dining destination, dedicated to offering an authentic and immersive culinary experience. With a focus on traditional recipes, premium ingredients, and a welcoming ambiance, Carluccio’s has emerged as a cherished choice for Italian cuisine enthusiasts throughout the UK. The introduction of the new pizza range exemplifies Carluccio’s unwavering commitment to bringing the authentic flavours of Naples to its discerning patrons, ensuring that each bite becomes a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary heritage.


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